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Deadline On The Sundance Channel

The director’s cut of DEADLINE will be shown on The Sundance Channel throughout the month of January at the following times:


**PREMIERE** Monday 01.09.06 at 09:00 PM
Thursday 01.19.06 at 09:45 AM
Thursday 01.19.06 at 05:30 AM
Tuesday 01.31.06 at 10:00 AM

Since its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in 2004, DEADLINE has been nominated for a News and Documentary Emmy Award and awarded numerous awards, including the Thurgood Marshall Journalism Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism and the 2005 Cine Golden Eagle Special Jury Award.

The broadcast date marks nearly three years since George Ryan, the Republican governor of Illinois, decided to commute the death sentences of 167 inmates on Illinois’ death row. It also comes on the heels of California Governor Schwarzenegger's highly-contested December execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams. DEADLINE not only makes a powerful statement about our nation’s capital punishment system, but it also serves as a valuable example of the staying power of investigative documentary filmmaking today.

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For more updated information on this subject, check out the docu film with Donald Cabana, "Execution" at www.executionfilms.com
Don is the warden in Mississippi during the moment of this execution.

Posted by: Ramiro Flores at January 23, 2006 01:41 AM

Today, former Illinois Governor George Ryan was sentenced to six and a half years in federal prison for corruption while in elected office.

The real tragedy of Ryan's legacy occured to the Reverend Scott Willis and his wife Janet in 1994. That's when a rear end assembly fell off a truck driven by a man who couldn't speak English and didn't understand other drivers who warned him that the piece was about to fall. The piece struck the Willises' van, causing it to explode.

Later, investigators discovered that the driver paid a bribe for his license through the Illinois Secretary of State's office then headed by Ryan.

The Willis tragedy led to the federal investigation of the massive licenses-for-bribes scandal, which resulted ultimately in Ryan's final fall from grace today.

Posted by: Alan Zure at September 6, 2006 07:05 PM

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Posted by: Flots Masriach at September 23, 2006 08:24 AM

Why shouldn't a man who walks into a home on New Years day, ties an entire family up, a father a mother and two little girls, SLIT THEIR THROATS BEAT THEM IN THE HEAD WITH HAMMERS AND SET THEM ON ON FIRE- BE PUT TO DEATH ??? Shame on you. To bloody heck with your stupid film.

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